Mobile target groups challenge email marketing – artegic publishes checklist

The mobi­le inter­net is now a rea­li­ty. The use of mobi­le data ser­vices via mobi­le pho­nes has seen a mas­si­ve increa­se in the last few years. A trend for which many com­pa­nies, who use email mar­ke­ting, seem insuf­fi­ci­ent­ly pre­pa­red. Dis­play han­di­caps, as well as spe­cial user pre­fe­ren­ces of mobi­le reci­pi­ents are a chal­len­ge, which email mar­ke­ters need to deal with, if they do not wish to ali­ena­te this important tar­get group. A check­list recent­ly published by ECRM tech­no­lo­gy pro­vi­der artegic offers sup­port. It exp­lains the key aspec­ts to take into con­si­de­ra­ti­on when star­ting your mobi­le email mar­ke­ting.

It is esti­ma­ted that by the year 2010 more than 20 mil­li­on Ger­mans will access the net with mobi­les, Smart­pho­ne, etc. Accord­ing to a stu­dy by Deloit­te, this is twice the num­ber recor­ded in 2008. Gart­ner pre­dic­ts that by 2012, around 20% of emails glo­bal­ly will be sent from a mobi­le.

Also a sur­vey by the Federal Asso­cia­ti­on of Digi­tal Eco­no­my (Bun­des­ver­band Digi­ta­le Wirt­schaft BVDW) cor­rob­ora­tes: Cur­r­ent­ly, every third mobi­le owner (35%) uses mobi­le inter­net ser­vices such as email. In the manage­ment sec­tor, this figu­re is twice as high (Mar­ke­ting Sher­pa; Vis­to).

Mobile Email Marketing: Usage situation, technology, issues

The con­ti­nuous deve­lop­ment of mobi­le end devices pro­vi­des for a bet­ter hand­ling of mobi­le inter­net ser­vices. The use of emails, in the past, bet­ween the dif­fe­rent types of devices demons­tra­ted the dif­fi­cul­ties, which nee­ded to be over­co­me. Only 13.1% of mobi­le owners use mobi­le email, howe­ver, this increa­ses to 35% with users of Smart­pho­nes and 75.4% with users of iPho­nes. (ComS­core).

“Modern Smart­pho­nes and Net­books with inte­gra­ted HSD­PA access have meant a break-through for the use of mobi­le inter­net”, says Fried­rich Jous­sen, Board Mem­ber of the High­tech-Asso­cia­ti­on BIT­KOM.

For mobi­le email mar­ke­ting, howe­ver, still incon­sis­tent tech­no­lo­gy can cau­se serious han­di­caps. The small dis­play size, limi­ted num­ber of dis­play­a­ble cha­rac­ters, capa­bi­li­ty of dis­play­ing HTML text and respon­se opti­ons are a mar­ke­ting chal­len­ge. The­se para­me­ters depend on the ope­ra­ting sys­tem used by the mobi­le end device, as well as the email cli­ent and brow­ser – ulti­mate­ly, even the set­tings of indi­vi­du­al reci­pi­ents play a role.

Howe­ver, not only tech­ni­cal restric­tions dis­tin­guish mobi­le email mar­ke­ting from the tra­di­tio­nal equi­va­lent. The mobi­le are­na crea­tes, above all, dif­fe­rent user pre­fe­ren­ces for mobi­le reci­pi­ents and the­re­fo­re dif­fe­rent requi­re­ments to con­tent and lay­out.

“Tho­se who think, mobi­le email mar­ke­ting just means rea­ding a news­let­ter on a mobi­le, are wrong. Mobi­le email mar­ke­ting is con­fron­ted with an ent­i­re­ly dif­fe­rent user situa­ti­on, such as tech­ni­cal restric­tions, which can be a kil­ler for tra­di­tio­nal email mar­ke­ting. Howe­ver, from this chal­len­ge emer­ge other par­ti­cu­lar pos­si­bi­li­ties, which make mobi­le email mar­ke­ting a high­ly inte­res­ting chan­nel”, says Ste­fan von Lie­ven, CEO artegic AG.

Practical checklist for companies

The check­list crea­ted by artegic high­lights the cor­rect pro­ce­du­re for the plan­ning and use of mobi­le email mar­ke­ting. It exp­lains a total of 19 dif­fe­rent aspec­ts, which are cri­ti­cal to suc­cess. For examp­le, why email mar­ke­ters should first assess how many mobi­le reci­pi­ents they real­ly wish to reach. Other tips inclu­de:

Pre­sen­ta­bi­li­ty – Many mobi­le end devices can only dis­play HTML emails incom­ple­te­ly or not at all. It is the­re­fo­re recom­men­ded to offer a text ver­si­on of the email news­let­ter, for examp­le, as a mul­ti­part.

Mobi­le lan­ding pages – Lan­ding pages should be mobi­le-com­pa­ti­ble and not con­tain Java script. Refrain from com­pli­ca­ted respon­se opti­ons, such as form inputs.

Mobi­le rea­dy – Not all emails are read on a mobi­le device. Howe­ver, the rele­van­ce from the sub­ject and the first visi­ble con­tent may deci­de whe­ther your mes­sa­ge will grab enough atten­ti­on to be read on a PC later.

Mobi­le RSS (the alter­na­ti­ve) – An inte­res­ting alter­na­ti­ve to mobi­le emails are mobi­le RSS feeds. RSS accom­mo­da­tes the requi­re­ments of com­pact infor­ma­ti­on even more than email. In addi­ti­on, the indi­vi­du­al messa­ges come wit­hin the con­text of the cor­re­spon­ding feed and do not have to com­pe­te with a num­ber of other inco­m­ing emails. Many mobi­le devices now sup­port RSS, as it is inde­pen­dent from a plat­form.