What will 2010 bring?

In 2009, the finan­ci­al cri­sis and the search for more effi­ci­ent types of adver­ti­sing brought a signi­fi­cant boost to online mar­ke­ting. In 2010, we will see this trend streng­t­hen with a reco­vering eco­no­my. Accord­ing to a stu­dy by Sapi­ent, email mar­ke­ting is still cal­ling the tune (54.2%), fol­lo­wed by Search Mar­ke­ting (38.5%), digi­tal adver­ti­sing (32.3%) and com­mu­ni­ty mar­ke­ting (25%).

Howe­ver, the topic, which the indus­try is cur­r­ent­ly con­t­en­ding with, is soci­al media. Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on bet­ween peop­le and brands is chan­ging. Soci­al media is much more than a cor­po­ra­te Face­book page with 71 fri­ends or the soci­al book­mar­king of news­let­ters. The com­mer­cia­li­sa­ti­on of soci­al net­works and the ope­ning of inter­faces for exter­nal ser­vices will now real­ly start to make mar­ke­ting pos­si­ble. You can look for­ward to an excep­tio­nal inno­va­ti­on in the area of soci­al net­wor­king for your direct mar­ke­ting, when we pre­sent the fifth genera­ti­on of the ELAI­NE Sui­te in 2010.

Ano­t­her chal­len­ge, which will beco­me a must in mar­ke­ting in 2010, is the cor­rect com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with mobi­le tar­get groups. Mobi­le inter­net is taking over – with email being the most important app­li­ca­ti­on. In addi­ti­on to mobi­le email mar­ke­ting, mar­ke­ting via mobi­le pho­ne apps will beco­me a vital chan­nel. Apps will enab­le the dis­tri­bu­ti­on of infor­ma­ti­on in a new way and at the same time pose a chal­len­ge. RSS will deve­lop to inclu­de fur­ther tasks, for examp­le, to trans­mit news ser­vices or ser­vice infor­ma­ti­on into apps. And it’s good to know your RSS sub­scri­bers…

Wha­te­ver your plans are, we wish you a suc­cess­ful 2010 and always look for­ward to an exi­t­ing new year!