So far, email marketing has survived all market changes and has even been able to use them positively in most cases. Market figures show: Email marketing has experienced and It experienced and continues to experience a continuous upswing.

But what opportunities, what gains, what developments and what changes will email marketing experience in the future? What will shape email marketing in the future?

The field of email marketing has always been broad and diverse. The report deals among others things with the following aspects:

  • On what KPIs will email marketing focus on in the future?
  • How will interactive content open up new areas of use for email?
  • Why does email marketing become the center of the zero and first party data renaissance?

The report deals with more theses on how the email marketing will develop in the future.

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Find six theses on the future of email marketing in our Report: Future of email marketing for free download: artegic report: future of email marketing