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We are Marketing Engineers! We enable ambitious marketing teams to achieve better results every day.


We help marketers to succeed in customer-centred digital best-in-class dialogue marketing. 12 years of experience in marketing engineering: Know-how, technology, IT integration and operation for marketing automation. For significantly better results, sustainable customer relationships and efficient use of resources.



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Customers do not expect anything less than a best-in-class experience in service and communication, at all times and everywhere. Decisive factors are speed, mobility, flexibility and especially individuality. 80% of customers feel they are not valued as an individual in marketing, although 90% of marketers see an individual customer experience as important or very important. We support marketers who no longer want to accept this discrepancy in their company.


Consulting, IT & Best Practise for Enterprise Marketing Engineering

With consulting and IT integration, our customer teams support you in successively building up the necessary skills in the four success factors for digital communication in digital marketing transformation: Data, process, communication and analytics. With our best practice experience from more than 10 years of marketing engeneering with some of the most successful companies.

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Best-practice and Quicker Time-to-market with artegic's DPCA PLANS

With us, you take the shortest route to success in digital dialogue marketing. From over 10 years of experience in best practice with customers of all industry sectors, we have developed a unique method with our artegic DPCA PLANS® to increase your marketing results step by step meaning less expenses through more efficient processes. Step by step, without tedious IT projects. You don’t want to wait any longer? What would you like to achieve? Ask us for the right solutions!

ELAINE® Realtime Marketing Automation Technology

ELAINE® is the multi-award winning next generation of digital marketing suites for powerful digital cross-channel dialogue marketing in real time. ELAINE® is designed for successful, customer-centred digital marketing and is used by some of the globally leading marketers. The ELAINE® technology is consistently designed to support the four success factors in the digital dialogue: data-based customer knowledge, process automation, cross-channel real-time dialogue control and valid insights for result-focussed optimisation. Enable your marketing team with a comprehensive and clever function set for customer-centred digital dialogue marketing in one solution.