Ultra Responsive Email: artegic Presents the Next Generation of Responsive Design

Respon­si­ve design is said to be the method of choice in the mobi­le web. Emails in par­ti­cu­lar face the chal­len­ge of dif­fe­rent dis­play sizes with reci­pi­ents. Through a flu­id or respon­si­ve design, emails can be adap­ted on smart­pho­nes and tablets and dis­play­ed accord­in­gly, while on a desk­top PC, they can be dis­play­ed to their full width. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, not all devices sup­port HTML 5, which is necessa­ry for respon­si­ve design. Omit­ting or sca­ling gra­phics is often not enough to ful­fil the requi­re­ments of mar­ke­ters or reci­pi­ents for the mobi­le con­text of use. Loca­ti­on-based ser­vices or direct respon­se to custo­mer beha­viour at POS, requi­re other com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on tools for mobi­le tar­get groups.

With the new Ultra Respon­si­ve Email, online CRM tech­no­lo­gy and con­sul­ting pro­vi­der artegic AG, intro­du­ces a new for­mat for effec­tive dia­lo­gue mar­ke­ting with mobi­le tar­get groups. This solu­ti­on com­bi­nes ele­ments from flu­id and respon­si­ve design on the cli­ent side with ter­mi­nal device iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on and based on this, respon­se media tech­no­lo­gy on the ser­ver side. Ultra respon­si­ve email the­re­fo­re enab­les the adjust­ment of the for­mat to dif­fe­rent, even older ter­mi­nal devices, plus the adap­tati­on of con­tents depen­ding on the ter­mi­nal device and con­text of use.

Devices or pro­vi­der-spe­ci­fic ser­vices, time of ope­ning, wea­ther or lifecy­cle infor­ma­ti­on can be used for real-time chan­ges in emails and to respond to the par­ti­cu­lar con­text of use of the reci­pi­ent. For examp­le, a custo­mer email trig­ge­red after a purcha­se at the POS can show a dif­fe­rent con­tent when ope­ned on a mobi­le device wit­hin the first 90 minu­tes, than the same email later ope­ned on a PC.
“With the ultra respon­si­ve email, we are reinven­ting mobi­le email com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on”, says Ste­fan von Lie­ven, CEO at artegic AG. “Only by taking into con­si­de­ra­ti­on and indi­vi­dua­li­sing the mobi­le con­text of use, mobi­le email real­ly exploits its poten­ti­al. Until now, this was only about weird­ly dis­play­ed emails on smart­pho­nes.”

“Responsiveness” for the first time in the recipient’s context of use

The pro­mi­se of respon­si­ve design is: Opti­mal user expe­ri­ence on every ter­mi­nal device. When a user opens an email on a smart­pho­ne, modern HTML code auto­ma­ti­cal­ly retrie­ves the spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons of the ter­mi­nal device and the cli­ent adjusts the dis­play for mobi­le use. With clas­sic respon­si­ve design, emails are usual­ly only sca­led in size or hid­den. artegic’s new ultra respon­si­ve email tech­no­lo­gy expands the­se abi­li­ties and allows indi­vi­du­al con­tents, e.g. ent­i­re­ly dif­fe­rent images for dif­fe­rent ter­mi­nal devices and reso­lu­ti­ons up to HD qua­li­ty for users of reti­na dis­plays. In the same way, con­trol ele­ments, such as links and but­tons or touch­screen ope­ra­ti­on, are adap­ted and indi­vi­dual­ly inte­gra­ted.

Howe­ver, the term “respon­si­veness” in ultra respon­si­ve email does not only refer to an adjust­ment of the dis­play, but also to a respon­se to the con­text of use. This allows a con­tex­tu­al allo­ca­ti­on of con­tents in real­time when the email is ope­ned, e.g. accord­ing to the ter­mi­nal device or cli­ent used. When a user opens an email with an iPho­ne or iPad, a direct refe­rence and link to the iTu­nes App can be pro­vi­ded. The same email on an Adro­id Smart­pho­ne may take the reader to the Goog­le Play Store. On a PC in a brow­ser view, the same email would not inclu­de the App ad but offer a direc­t­ly play­a­ble video ins­tead.